Get Wet - How It All Happened

2016 marked my first ever surf trip, just to “check it off the bucket list”. Little did I know that this was only the beginning of a life-changing obsession.

The sensation of being in the water, becoming one with the elements, focusing on nothing else but this. It flipped a switch in my mind. I completely fell in love with the ocean, spent all my holidays on surf trips, dreaming of waves when I was back at my desk. This wasn’t just a bucket list item anymore! I wanted surfing in my life, all day, every day.

When you get on a surfboard for the first time, there are a million things to think about: Don’t drown. Read the waves. Paddle. Paddle harder. Pop up. Have fun! Try to keep your balance. Wipe out, do it all over again. The things you don’t want to worry about are nip slips or bikini bottoms on the loose. Wish I had known that before my first surf lesson… I rocked up in a regular swimsuit and had no idea what I was doing: I got washed off my board, boobs flying everywhere. I spent most of the time in the water adjusting my outfit.
For my next surf trip I was looking for something functional but also cute that would allow me to feel like myself in the water without having to worry about wardrobe malfunctions... it was almost impossible!
I scoured the web for wave-worthy apparel. All the time, a feeling began to set up home deep within me: An idea to radically change my life. It took me one more year until I was finally brave enough to follow my heart and quit the 9-5 office job, trading my career for island life. Bliss! 
Moving to Bali, surf suits became a daily staple. My suits were savaged by the salt water: Elastics would lose shape quickly and skimpy cuts made me feel exposed. I began designing a suit for myself. One that covered everything I wanted. One that was functional and safe, but cute too. Something flattering coupled with quality that lasted. The BOND suit was born!
From here I have grown my range to suit a variety of salty, sandy needs. With fun patterns and smart cuts, my aim is to create surf suits that will make women, of all body types, feel their best badass selves. Confident and ready to rip.
Ladies, pick your favourite suit and let's get wet!